Produce a poster of your solar roof

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Applicant details

If you are a citizen or represent a local business or association, and you would like to communicate about the solar panels that you have installed on your roof please fill in an online form below.

online form below.

If you live in a city that is already part of the Balkan Solar Roofs project, i.e.  Mostar, Kragujevac and Poreč – but there will be more cities in the future, your request will be sent to the campaign manager in the city in question. They will contact you  to get the information and materials they need to produce a poster that will be added to the online gallery.

If you are from another city, your request will be sent to Energy Cities or REIC.

As relay organisations, they will contact you to get the information and materials required to produce a poster, and may discuss with you how to motivate the city you live in to join Balkan Solar Roofs!

Don't forget to specify the location of your solar roof and some technical information. Thank you, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the Balkan Solar Roofs Campaign!

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Location details

Please, enter details about the solar panel technology and location where the solar panels are about to be installed.

Nominal rated solar plant power
Actual roof area covered by the installed solar plant
Exprected yearly production of solar plant
Number of all directly affected persons on location of installed solar plant

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